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Restoration Project of the Southern Library of Bayon

The Southern Library was the most deteriorated among the buildings of the Bayon Temple complex, and was closed off to tourists, given its extremely dangerous condition. The original masonry structure, composed of some 2600 sandstone elements, had greatly deformed in places, causing risk of collapse in the upper structure and an outflow and weakening of the compacted soil inside the platform.
In this project, we are restoring the building by dismantling part of the building and restacking all stone elements after restoring deteriorated elements, compensating for lost parts with new materials, and strengthening the platform interior. Young Cambodian experts and workers who have honed their skills in past restoration activities are now taking on the challenge of completing the series of work on restoring the Southern Library by themselves, in consultation with Shimoda Ichita, a resident Japanese expert dispatched by the Japan Foundation.
















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