JAPAN-APSARA Safeguarding Angkor

Participating Parties
Waseda University
· Takeshi NAKAGAWA Lab. (Department of Architecture)
· Etsuo UCHIDA Lab. (Department of Resources and Environmental Engineering)
· Masato ARAYA Lab. (Department of Architecture)
· Toshiro MAEDA Lab. (Department of Architecture)
The University of Tokyo
· Katsushi IKEUCHI Lab. (Institute of Industrial Science)
· Tomochika TOKUNAGA Lab. (Department of Environment System, School of Frontier Sciences)
Kokushikan University
· Masaaki SAEADA Lab. (Graduate School of Globalizing Asia)
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
· Yoko KATAYAMA Lab. (Division of Ecosciences, Institute of Symbiotic Science and Technology)
Meijo University
· Akinori MIZOGUCHI Lab. (Department of Architecture)
Kyoto University
· Kyosuke ONISHI Lab. (Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering)
GEO-Research Institute
The Ethos Co., Ltd.
Japan Building Repair Federation
I.N. Technical Lab. Co., Ltd.
YAKULT Central Institute
DIA Consultants Co. Ltd.

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